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Honor Apparel is the fashion apparel company dedicated to excellence, innovation, quality and service. Driven by our creativityand passion, we distinguish ourselves through a unique and diverse selection of products. Our team is devoted to surpassing our customers’ expectations, reflected by our integrity and commitment to efficient and flexible service. We have defined ourselves by FIVE keywords: flexibility, innovation, passion, excellence and service. We use these words every day, every week, every month and every year. They help define who we are, what makes us different and how we excel at what we do.

We have own factory , it could assure full flow service gurantee both design, quality, delivery and so on... Decades, we established immense partner relationship with many famous brands in China and Overseas. Our designers follow the newest trends to develop various fashion apparel.Our term still do our best to handle each orders, each shipment from design,research, QC  to Delivery and trust bring more Value for clients !


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