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Why Choose US

OEM/ODM One-Step-Solution

Save more times , Ensure design inspirit into different products.

Skilled Manufacture Experience

More than 20 years manufacture experience , 

well-knew all kinds of fibre/fabric/natural materials, 

Follow Brands Standard  

Audit factory by BSCI or Brands inspection.

REACH standard pass by 3rd inspection organization

OEKO-100 Certificated

Recycled fabric/packing materials Certificated.

High Quality Standard

AQL 1.0/2.0/4.0 standard

Strong QC term from raw material purchase to shipment inspection.

Competitive Price

Good cost control both long-term cooperative raw material suppliers and skilled workers training.

Friendly Services

Quick feedback, 

Careful and meticulous for details . 

Positive attitude for questions.

R&D experience

Issue thousands new styles every season, 

New trends fabric suggestion. 



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