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Good news from foreign trade!

Good news from foreign trade! A number of export tax rebates for commodities will be raised in November.

Starting from November 1, 2018, in accordance with the principles of structural and international prevailing practices,increase the current export rebate rate of goods to 15% and some 13% to 16%; 9% to 10%, some of them to 13%; 5% to 6% and some to 10%. Export rebate rates for products with high energy consumption, high pollution, resource properties and facing the task of capacity reduction will remain unchanged. Govenment will further simplify the tax system by reducing the tax rebate rate from seven to five.

Analysts pointed out that the export tax rebate rate of the promotion of a relatively large, conducive to reduce the actual burden of foreign trade enterprises, reduce export costs. It is beneficial for enterprises to maintain the steady growth of foreign trade under the current external pressure.


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