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China Textile and garment trade exhibition (Paris) set sail again

    At 9:00 a.m. local time on February 7, Paris International Garment accessories procurement exhibition and TEXWORLD evolution Paris were held in the exhibition center of bourgecher in the northern suburb of Paris.

    Hall 4 is used in this exhibition. There were 204 exhibitors from 16 countries and regions, including Turkey, China, South Korea, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and Pakistan, with clothing accounting for 35%.

    After two years, a group of suppliers full of exploration spirit and dedication to the local market overcame many inconveniences and got together again and returned to the familiar place. They were greeted by friendly faces who also wanted face-to-face communication.

    The exhibition set up the only source in China for Chinese garment enterprises. 30% of the garment enterprises participating in the exhibition were shortlisted in the brand promotion project of the Ministry of Commerce last year, and 45% participated in the two high-end exhibition hall activities in Paris last year. 19% of enterprises participated in Guangdong "Guangdong trade global" online exhibition platform. In addition, Yuecheng in Zhejiang and Xindadi in Guangzhou appeared as regional brand images respectively.

    In the face of many changes brought about by the epidemic, the only constant is the demand of the local market and the pursuit of fashion under the awareness of sustainable environmental protection.

    The top five European clothing retail markets in 2021 are Germany 17%, Britain 17%, France 10%, Italy 9% and Spain 6% (data source Euromonitor 2022). 60% of the total demand of the European clothing market comes from the above five countries, mainly due to the relatively high per capita GDP and the consumption potential brought by the population size.

    In the past year, the market share of the top 10 clothing brands of H & M, Zara, Primark, C & A, Adidas, Mark & Spencer, Nike, next, Levi's and sheen in Western Europe was basically stable year-on-year. As a unicorn of China's fast fashion cross-border e-commerce, Sheen's share growth performance is good, with a year-on-year increase of 75%.

    If the rise of cross-border e-commerce is a process of de intermediation; Then, the connection between French retailers and suppliers through the exhibition reflects the irreplaceable nature of the exhibition platform. The consistent value proposition of Paris exhibition lies in equality, mutual trust, joint cooperation and value creation.

    As the unique presence of this site, the sample display area once again makes us realize that the visualization process of customers' needs is stimulated by displaying samples, and the driving force to promote further contact between customers and enterprises is customers' judgment on future market and consumption and their expectation of creating value for enterprises.

    It is hoped that through this exhibition, exhibitors and buyers can have more in-depth contact and understanding, and grasp the limited window period of low-speed recovery of the clothing industry within the EU in the post epidemic era.



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