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At full speed, the free trade zone competes to list tasks for the new year

    The reporter of the economic information daily learned that recently, several pilot free trade zones in Zhejiang, Henan, Shandong, Guangxi and Anhui have deployed one after another, made a list of objectives and tasks for 2022, and promoted the implementation of policies by means of wall chart operation and tackling difficulties against tables. Among them, strengthening the policy supply of advantageous industries for key projects and cultivating characteristic leading industries have become an important driving point.

    The analysis points out that the common characteristics of the central and local governments in promoting the development of the pilot free trade zone are to carry out in-depth reform around key areas, key links and basic systems and strengthen the support of the system to the industry. In the future, the pilot free trade zone will undertake the task of docking more high-level international rules, continue to be the "vanguard" of the first test, and inject new momentum into local economic development.

    Multiple successive deployment

    New year's construction is hot

    A policy breakthrough was made in the construction of the new international trade center, and Ningbo Beilun was approved to carry out a high-level opening-up pilot of cross-border trade and investment; Over the past month, 109 enterprises have been listed and 51 sub biomedical enterprises have raised 9.2 billion yuan; A number of major industrial projects such as Zhongsheng LNG cold energy comprehensive utilization project in Zhoushan area and Jintang new material Park project have been signed and started successively, with a cumulative investment of more than 125.8 billion yuan... Since the beginning of the year, the construction of Zhejiang pilot free trade zone has made a "good start".

    The reporter of economic information daily noted that in recent days, intensive deployment has been made in many places, setting out new objectives and tasks for the construction of the pilot Free Trade Zone in 2022, and promoting the introduction of new measures.

    On February 18, the regulations on the New Lingang area of China (Shanghai) pilot free trade zone was voted and adopted at the meeting of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress and will come into force on March 1. As the first comprehensive local regulation of Lingang New Area, the regulation will further improve the "four beams and eight pillars" of the construction of special economic functional areas.

    On February 17, the Zhejiang provincial government held a press conference, identified 2022 as the year of deepening the construction of version 2.0 of Zhejiang pilot Free Trade Zone, and proposed to focus on key areas such as bulk commodities such as oil products and cross-border e-commerce and carry out institutional innovation. Previously, Hangzhou has formulated "three lists" for the construction of the pilot Free Trade Zone in 2022, namely, the task list, the initiative list and the responsibility list, and proposed to promote the high-quality development of the pilot Free Trade Zone in a list and project-based manner.

    On February 9, Henan organized a survey and Symposium on the pilot free trade zone and proposed to deeply implement the institutional opening strategy, build the version 2.0 of the pilot free trade zone at a high level, boldly break through, boldly try and reform independently, and make every effort to build a highland of innovation, openness, talents and development.

    In addition, Shandong, Guangxi, Anhui and other places have also made systematic arrangements for the development of the pilot Free Trade Zone in 2022, proposing to establish and improve mechanisms such as "information release, evaluation and promotion, project promotion", promote integrated innovation in trade, investment, international opening, finance, rule of law services, deepen regional cooperation, build linkage innovation zones and other specific measures, and fight with wall charts We will promote the implementation of policies by tackling difficulties on the table.

    Henan pilot free trade zone takes attracting investment and talents as an important breakthrough, vigorously introduces and cultivates "chain owner" enterprises and "specialized and special new" enterprises, and expands and strengthens the main body and leading industries of foreign trade and foreign investment.

    Guangxi pilot free trade zone will focus on accelerating the construction of cross-border industrial chain clusters. The person in charge of Guangxi Free Trade Office said that it would open up the bottleneck of industrial development by comparing the key enterprises and target enterprises corresponding to each chain one by one, promote the agglomeration and open development of intelligent terminals, new energy vehicles, new chemical materials, ASEAN characteristic agricultural products processing and other industries in the pilot Free Trade Zone, and accelerate the construction of China ASEAN cross-border industrial chain cluster.



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