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Multi decoding functional textiles performance days Shanghai Exhibition Exchange Week held successfully

    The rapid improvement of scientific and technological level and the increasing enrichment of cultural life are constantly creating new consumer demand. The arrival of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, people's continuous attention to health and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness make functional textiles become the focus of the current consumer market. The continuous extension of its application scenarios is also promoting the breakthrough and innovation of textile and garment enterprises.

    From December 15 to 17, 2021, the performance days Shanghai Exhibition Exchange Week was successfully held in Shanghai Guya hall. The event was held in the form of salon. On the one hand, senior experts from the industry were invited to share the latest functional products of international leading enterprises around the solutions for the sustainable development of the textile and garment industry. On the other hand, high-end accessories from excellent textile enterprises in Europe and China were displayed. Through the exchange of professional information and the prospect of development trend in the industry, the activity has expanded new ideas and opportunities for the brand to carry out the innovative development, promotion and application of functional products.


    From Bailian, kontoor, particle fanaticism, YAYING, Kangerxin, Decathlon, happy bird, yamafen, OUTN about, jiaonei, new balance, Senma, Luolai, desant, cat, M & S, Li Ning, gildan, CID, Philips, mclod, cissonne, viviniko, Nautica, spyder, mclod, Perry Ellis, bebebebus, VAUDE, target, rothy's, bestseller, lily Representatives of idea village, kappahl, bosden, Jinba, arctic fox, sportmaster, Suran and other well-known clothing and home textile brands attended the event.

    On Tao innovation and explore the sustainable development of products

多重解码功能性纺织品 PERFORMANCE DAYS上海展交流周圆满举行

    Nora Kuhner, Anne Marie and Charles Ross, the specially invited experts in Europe, respectively wrote "how sustainability is changing the European market", "application and solutions of new sustainable materials" and "sustainability - have we all chosen the wrong way?" A video speech was made on the theme, which not only brought the international cutting-edge sustainable concept, but also inspired and guided the new path of sustainable integrated development of brands.

    Shi fan, a technical expert of 3M textile and clothing division, expressed his appreciation for 3M, which has high warmth, ventilation and comfort ™ Thinsulate  ™ The gas condensation thermal insulation materials are introduced. Aerogel as the core material for making spacesuit has the characteristics of light weight and high heat insulation. 3M has successfully developed high-performance 3M by combining it with 3M new Shirley Nonwovens Technology. ™ Thinsulate  ™ Gas condensate thermal insulation material. Compared with traditional clothing thermal insulation materials, its heating efficiency is improved several times, which means that lighter materials can be used to bring higher thermal insulation effect. This material also partially adopts GRS certified environmental protection materials, which is also the concept and value of environmental protection and sustainability that 3M has always advocated.

    Build up high-quality products and look forward to the trend of functional products

多重解码功能性纺织品 PERFORMANCE DAYS上海展交流周圆满举行

    The international functional surface accessories trend sample exhibition area specially set up at the event site gathered 250 fabric samples and 150 accessories samples from 71 overseas top surface accessories enterprises and 40 fabrics shortlisted in the fabric review meeting. All products have been strictly screened, which not only have innovative functionality, but also comply with the concept of sustainability.

多重解码功能性纺织品 PERFORMANCE DAYS上海展交流周圆满举行

    The application of recycled polyester, biodegradable NAIA, recycled nylon and other fibers, the introduction of special spinning, rapid drying and other technologies, has the functions of antibacterial, anti-static, perspiration and moisture absorption... More than 400 boutiques comprehensively show the latest development trend of functional surface auxiliary materials from multiple dimensions such as material, technology, process, touch, performance and application, It has built a platform for brands to understand the domestic and international market demand and exchange and share around the development of functional new products.


    The three-day event is not only a feast for professionals to share their wisdom, but also a stage for colleagues in the industry to work together for common development. The curtain does not end, and the brilliance does not stop. From April 6 to 7, 2022, functional textiles Shanghai by performance days will be held in the exhibition hall of Shanghai World Trade mall. At that time, experts and scholars from various fields of textile at home and abroad will continue to deeply deconstruct functional textiles from the dimensions of creative design, material application, color trend, functional technology and green environmental protection, Promote the continuous upgrading of innovative products and industrial value.



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