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The yarn scrap recycling demonstration factory has entered the trial production stage

    According to leatherbiz, on December 17, KT trading, a manufacturer of wet blue leather and embryo leather, and spinnova, a producer of biological yarn, announced that their construction of a road to produce recycled leather fiber from waste wet blue leather and embryo leather has entered the trial production stage. And promised to start trial production of this new material before the end of 2021.

    Spinnova's factory in Jyväskylä, Finland, will serve as a pilot site for the pilot production line of leather recycled fiber. Both partners said that the pilot production line of recycled leather fiber will provide sufficient recycled leather fiber materials for research and development.

    The waste leather scraps from tanning are used to produce renewable yarn, and the recycled yarn is woven into cloth for clothing, bags, shoes and other purposes. EC trading will continue to produce this new leather material for a long time. After that, commercial promotion will be carried out in other brands.

    The recycled yarn produced from leather scraps is made of renewable raw materials, does not use harmful chemicals, and has the characteristics of less water consumption. This recycled material feels like a textile fiber and combines the natural durability and elasticity of leather with the light and comfortable hand feel of traditional textiles. It is the only production technology in the world that can convert leather shavings into textile fibers without using harmful chemicals.

    Kristian Geert Jensen, chief executive of KT trading, said it was a good example of exploring waste recycling. We are very happy to carry out cross industry cooperation in this project and have achieved preliminary results.



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